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Parenting & Family Research Center

USC Social Behavior Study

Kate Flory, Lee Van Horn, Steven Evans (Ohio University), Julie Owens (Ohio University), Richard Milich (University of Kentucky), Elizabeth Lorch (University of Kentucky)

The goal of this three-year, multi-site study, funded by the US Dept. of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, is to contribute to a better understanding of why children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have social and academic impairment. We will be looking at three possible mechanisms for explaining social impairment among children with ADHD, including social knowledge deficits, social performance deficits, and interfering factors, such as aggression or emotionality. We will also explore the link between social and academic impairment. At each of two data collection sites (USC and Ohio University), 120 boys and girls ages 8-10 with and without ADHD will take part in an extensive evaluation, which will include tasks, questionnaires, parent interviews, and teacher-completed measures. Children will also participate in a playgroup with 9 other youth, which will be videotaped for later coding of social behaviors. Results from this study will help the field to develop more effective techniques for treating the social and academic impairment of children with ADHD.